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PRO-TEK-TO shoe caps: for temporary foot protection.

In a matter of seconds, your feet can be protected without changing your shoes. Our shoe caps slip easily over your own street shoe and strap firmly around the back of your heel. These are especially beneficial to the temporary employee or visitors to your plant.

While there is not an OSHA standard for over the shoe foot protection, it is required that they meet ANSI standard Z-41-1991 for 30 pounds of impact resistance. We randomly test our shoe caps to assure that we meet or exceed these impact standards.

Specially designed for the smaller feet of women, and taking into account the possibility of a higher heel.
Designed to fit over a street shoe, they are a perfect fit for most men and women who prefer to wear athletic shoes.
For use when you need to protect the entire top of the foot, including the metatarsal area. Unisex design for men and women.
We tend to forget about our shins; however, they are not immune to accidents. Our shin guards are designed to protect your shin comfortably.

Replacement Parts
PRO-TEK-TO foot and shin protectors are temporary products, and are not expected to last indefinitely. However, the sole strap or the heel straps can often wear out long before the hard plastic shell. In this case, we do offer replacement straps for these products.

Osborn Manufacturing Corp., Safety Equipment & Clothing, Warsaw, IN